Is this the Jake Zwack you’re looking for?

Who is Jake Zwack? Or Jacob Zwack?

Native Minnesotan with the drive to thrive…

It is pronounced Z(walk) or Zwok if that helps you out at all.

This is a bio for Jacob Zwack:

“Everything is easier when you don’t have a choice.” Quote by Jacob Zwack

“We are the sum of our life experiences. You multiplied by (Time/Environment) = EXACTLY who you are today.”

Another quote by Jake Zwack

Places spent more than 30 consecutive days:

Born on August 22 in Saint Cloud MN

Clearwater, MN Annandale, MN Rice, MN Maple Lake, MN South Haven, MN Chicago, IL Royalton, MN Watford City, ND Williston, ND Denver, CO Crested Butte/Gunnison, CO Augusta, GA Andover, MN

Currently resides in Anoka, MN with Athena Zwack, and Kimberly and Brody Paulson (Mother and Brother)

Athena Zwack, Kimberly Paulson, and Brody Paulson.

Jacob Zwack was born to Kelly and James Zwack. Kelly presently Kelly Romanchuck and James is still currently James Zwack. Siblings include Kristine Zwack and Katie Zwack.

Athena Zwack born in Coon Rapids, MN in April of 2016 is his only child as of today February 6th 2018.

Athena Zwack. Gangsta napper.
Athena Zwack as happy as can be.
Athena Zwack Loves building forts!
Athena Zwack. A rare moment caught on cam!
Jake Zwack pictured with Hannah Molldrem

Jacob Zwack attended multiple schools while growing up, but received most of his education in Annandale, MN. In his youthful days some of his classmates would not view him as a model citizen. To the untrained eye a few of them may even considered him to be a bully at one point in life.

Inspired by the gift of life rather than the passion of Christ Jacob turned out to be quite a decent human being. With the drive to thrive in life he has managed to change his reputation.

¬†No longer will you catch Jacob Zwack hollering “GET A JOB” to strangers while driving by. Today you can catch him dishing out compliments to strangers, while running errands, attempting to teach his young daughter to look for the positive things in people.

“I spent my younger days looking at all of the negatives. Critiquing for efficiency at work or exploiting any blemishes on a beautiful person it didn’t matter. My outlook was constantly negative and it led me to be negative. I am hoping my daughter will grow up with the outlook I have today.” Jacob Zwack

“By believing in something you give it existence. You give it life. Therefor I believe in everything.” Jacob Zwack quote

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